Our programs: holistic development is the focus

Holistic Is Key

Imparting vocational skills training to empower our special adults forms the core of Kshitij programs. Kshitij ensures that skills are provided to match the ability of the individual to learn and sustain the creative activity. Many wards have made remarkable progress in acquiring various skill sets.

As a result, Kshitij offers for sale a whole host of products like chocolates, cookies, snacks, hand crafted products, often made from recycled materials. We also provide eco-friendly festive gift options to bring utility value to corporates and individuals, which continues to bolster our cause.

Counselling for Development

Professional counselling is integral to the emotional well-being of our special adults who are unable to easily express their feelings and needs, as also for their caregivers. Occupational Therapy (OT) enhances hand-eye coordination and helps them cope with physical and cognitive changes. Yoga, art therapy, music and movement improve their concentration, soothe their minds, and provide them an outlet for self-expression. Fun activities such as solving mazes and building blocks  develop their cognitive skills. Physical activities and sports fine-tune their motor skills and keep them happy and active.

Self Reliance at the core

Daily living skills like cooking, self-grooming and more are important for building self-esteem and confidence. Seemingly simple tasks like chopping vegetables, making tea and sandwiches impart vital daily skills to Kshitij wards.  We have introduced shopping as an avenue to take them closer to a more independent way of life.

Building social & adaptability skills

Taking the wards for overnight excursions is an annual feature at Kshitij. Initiated with the aim of familiarising our special adults with new places, staying away from their caregivers for a short time and promoting closer bonding with their peers. This fosters social skills and the ability to support one another.

Our larger responsibility

Creating awareness is the need of the hour

Beyond its day-to-day activities, Kshitij has a larger role to play. As a pioneer, Kshitij has the responsibility to spread awareness about intellectual disabilities in adults. We join hands with other like-minded organisations to raise awareness. We organise seminars and discussions, participate in panel discussions and act as a resource for those working in related domains. We bring in diverse partnerships to implement the rights of intellectually challenged adults.

KAP: Kshitij Autism Program

Autism Therapy Program is an inclusive vocational program which caters to the specialised needs of adults with autism. It helps improve communication skills, self-esteem and functional skills. Assistive teaching methods and visual supports give predictability and reduces anxiety. Social stories help manage their emotions, frustrations, challenges and daily situations. Occupational therapy improves their skills for self-care and management. The program thus enables adults with autism to work with other intellectually challenged adults and move towards an independent way of living.


Kshitij regularly participates in exhibitions organised by corporates and NGOs to spread awareness and augment its income through sale of its products. Some of these valuable collaborations include My Financial Advisor (MFA), Shapoorji Pallonji Group, Godrej Industries Ltd., National Stock Exchange, ICICI Lombard, Axis Bank, Atlas Skilltech Institute, Design One, Wework Pvt. Ltd., Special Hangout, Jain Women’s Association, Forum for Autism (FFA), Sanjiv Kapoor’s Khana Khazana, Divya Kala (National Exhibition) and educational institutions like Sophia Polytechnic, HR College and Lala Lajpatrai College.

Advocacy and Outreach

One of Kshitij’s work places is located in a BMC school at Mumbai Central, which runs its own school for special children. Kshitij takes in students who are over eighteen years in age and who come from difficult socio-economic backgrounds. Kshitij helps raise funds through sponsorship and makes these students a part of the Kshitij family so that they can participate in all its programs and activities. Kshitij thus continues to strive for a socially inclusive society wherein special adults from any background get the opportunity to learn and grow, and ultimately contribute to society in their own way!


Our workshop at Municipal Corporation School, Gilder Road promotes artistic abilities of the wards. Life skills of daily living such as cooking, shopping, social etiquette etc. are also taught. At our Opera House premises, our wards are trained to prepare chocolates and confectionery items. These are FSSAI-certified products, much in favour with prominent corporates. Crafted and stencil-painted items of household utility are also popular products from our wards here.

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