Let's integrate the specially abled in mainstream society

Kshitij means ‘horizon’ in Hindi. A  horizon for our wards to finally reach as they go through their challenging journeys of life. Founded in 1997 by four mothers of intellectually challenged adults, Kshitij is today a close-knit support network of families, staff members, therapists and volunteers.

As a Mumbai-based NGO, Kshitij provides a sheltered nurturing workplace to adults with intellectual disabilities such as Downs Syndrome, Autism and Brain Damage.

Limited awareness, expensive or inaccessible health care services and social stigma are some of the challenges faced by parents of children with special needs. Delay in detection leads to delay in early intervention, an essential component for their key skills development which would ensure their inclusion in school and society. Kshitij as a family has ventured into every aspect of wellbeing of such wards; right from enhancing their functional, social and behavioural skills, to training them in life skills, self-reliance and honing their ability to operate in mainstream society.

Our trustees

Bharati Gandhi

Bharati Gandhi is the President and founder trustee of Kshitij. With B.Sc. and LLB degrees, she started her social work journey of over 30 years as a volunteer in the Learning & Disability department of Sadhana school. At Kshitij, she is primarily responsible for Strategic Partnerships & Public Relations with key stakeholders. Her passion for “all things Kshitij”, makes her a 24/7 flag bearer of Kshitij. She is ever exploring opportunities to talk about Kshitij with potential collaborators, and always raising the bar on awareness and sales of it’s products.

Kiran Malkani

Kiran Malkani is the Treasurer and founder trustee of Kshitij. A mathematician by qualification, with a creative bent of mind, she has completed an advanced workshop course, on therapy for special needs people, from a US based therapist. At Kshitij, she handles finance and costing and is also involved in the designing of products. In the early days, she introduced stencil painting to Kshitij, painstakingly carving & making them by hand. Her ability to stay positive in the most adverse times and find a way forward is a quality everyone admires.

Beena Modak

Beena Modak, is the Secretary and founder trustee of Kshitij. A post-graduate in social work from Nirmala Niketan and holding a diploma in Special Education from ADAPT, she helms several responsibilities at Kshitij, including those of administration and counseling. After undergoing specialized training in autism, she was instrumental in introducing therapy programs for autistic wards and training future trainers in Kshitij. She is the co-founder of Forum for Autism and is regularly invited for discussions on various forums. She is also the main liaison person for Kshitij with Government and statutory bodies.

Neela Bhatia

Having done a specialized certificate course in Early Education from Sophia College, Mumbai, Neela is closely associated with the day-to-day working of the organization. She is the guiding light to both children and teachers, in all “design elements” of Kshitij products. Her calm and polite demeanor and a sharp business sense make her the “go to person” for staff as well as major stakeholders within and outside Kshitij. Neela Bhatia is an epitome of an “ideal hands on parent” and an inspiration and role model to other parents of differently abled children.

Other trustees

Anil Mehta

Mahesh Gandhi

Late Tushar Shah

Our team

Chief Executive Officer

Admission and Training of Adults

Alpa Mazumdar

Head Coordinator I 9920194033

Sharmila Bhagtani

Coordinator, Autism Unit I 9920194042

Other Leads

Meherangiz Baria

Communication and Outreach I 9920194032

Meenakshi Rane

Accounts I 9920143551

Nilima Budhdeo

Sales and Marketing I 9930038094

Our teachers, our strength

Our teachers work patiently with the adults to help them overcome their challenges, gain confidence and develop vocational and life-skills.

Standing from left to right: Vidya Samel, Krunali Gharat, Kinnari Sanghavi, Priyanka Basuraja, Bharti Dhruv, Bhavana Kalangutkar, Meena Maladkar. Sitting from left to right: Anisha Fernandes and Sharmila Bhagtani.

Time line

The journey continues...

July 1996
A new beginning
Kshitij is born

In 1996, four mothers of intellectually challenged children recognised the challenges facing children with special needs and started a sheltered workplace for vocational training and gainful engagement.

In 1997 Kshitij was registered as a Charitable Trust and Society

April 1998
Moving to a new home
Opera House shelter opens

Special adults were trained in simple tasks like packaging, making simple bags and envelopes, which developed their sense of discipline and practical skills. The wards received a stipend which bolstered their self-esteem.

February 2001
Help from well wishers
Grant from Sir Ratan Tata Trust

Training in block printing started with a generous grant from Sir Ratan Tata Trust. Wards also learnt life skills like money management, simple cookery and social interaction.

March 2011
A new home
Gilder Lane shelter opens

One more sheltered workplace was opened by Kshitij at Gilder Lane BMC School, where BMC students with special needs were also admitted. An inclusive autism therapy program catering to specialized needs of adults with autism was initiated.

September 2011
Products of wards become popular
Participation in exhibitions

As Kshitij expanded its reach and interventions, it started participating in exhibitions to increase awareness and product sales, to cope with shortage of funds and infrastructure. Appreciation for Kshitij product quality led to large orders for both food and handicraft items.

Learn, earn, celebrate
Kshitij today

Today, the wards look forward to setting out every day like other adults to eagerly participate in their daily schedule of working on products, learning with fun, practising life-skills, and participating in celebrations.


Our donors and supporters

The continuous support of our donors, supporters, dedicated staff and volunteers is the backbone of Kshitij. They empower our intellectually challenged adults by sharing their knowledge, skills, and resources.

From sponsoring our underprivileged adults to placing orders of the products made by them, they have been our pillars of strength in creating equal opportunities for the differently abled.

  • V V and Smt. K.V.Mariwala Charity Trust
  • Executors to the Estate of late Freny K. Parekh
  • The Tobaccowala Foundation
  • Jai Vakeel Foundation
  • Sitadevi N Poddar Charity Trust
  • M.Wadia Charities
  • Nikunj S. Parekh huf
  • Shroff Charitable Trust
  • Laxmibai Dwarkadas Charity Trust
  • Gandhi Charity Trust
  • MIV Investment Services Pvt. Ltd
  • Elektromag Joest Vibration Pvt. Ltd.
  • Me Hin Tech Edge Solutions
  • Megamerger Pvt. Ltd
  • Catalyst Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Harbour Charities
  • Lions Club of Bombay Gateway
  • Lions Club of Bombay, Cuffe Parade
  • N.M. Wadia Charities
  • Malabar Hill Rotary Foundation
  • Numerous friends and well-wishers of Kshitij in their individual capacity
Other support
  • Forum for Autism

  • My Financial Advisor
  • Atypical Advantage
  • ICICI Securities Primary Dealership Ltd.
  • Nivesh India
  • Amar Tea Pvt. Ltd.
  • KGK Diamonds (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Annual Reports

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